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Can you ooVoo?


What if you were always visible to people with whom you were communicating? We are moving in that direction fast. Is your personal brand ready?


Un-social media


Social media for most of us is monologue, not dialogue. It is personal informercial, not personal conversation. It allows us to be more unsocialable than ever.

Latest figures for the music business show Madonna is not only the top money maker, no one else is even close. What can the material girl teach us about personal branding and making money?

We all know about the ability of our emotions to affect us physically.  Obvious examples: when human beings are sad, water might just pour from their eyes.  For some of us, when we feel embarrassed, our faces turn bright red.   Or, when we are nervous, some of us go into power sweating.   Our bodies seem determined to blatantly betray […]

Like vision or innovation, teamwork never means the same thing from company to company. So, how do you be sure your personal brand includes being a great team player?

How’s your personal brand entourage working for you?

Don’t let your personal brand become you, the bobble head.