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Un-social media


Social media for most of us is monologue, not dialogue. It is personal informercial, not personal conversation. It allows us to be more unsocialable than ever.


Your business anniversary is a not-to-be-passed up branding opportunity. Whether it is your 1st or 21st, the year does not matter.

Like vision or innovation, teamwork never means the same thing from company to company. So, how do you be sure your personal brand includes being a great team player?

The number one thing you can do to sustain your success at work is to pay attention to how you manage your relationships – internal and external. Surprise the people who are most important to your success.

“People” people define the culture of organizations. What if you are not a people person? You need a strategy to be sure that your value is noticed and rewarded.

Different people in the same organization create personal brands that make the same brand promise to the same target audience. They are in direct competition. This in not a problem as long as you are able to make your brand distinctive from their’s. As long as you can make your brand irresistable to the audience.

The starting point of a powerful personal brand is defining what you stand for – your brand promise, and to whom you make this promise. Great brands don’t appeal to everybody – they don’t even try.