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Can you ooVoo?


What if you were always visible to people with whom you were communicating? We are moving in that direction fast. Is your personal brand ready?


Un-social media


Social media for most of us is monologue, not dialogue. It is personal informercial, not personal conversation. It allows us to be more unsocialable than ever.

Are you a locavore with few frenemies? Are you ready for technology to become inseparable from who you are?

Today, change is relentless – the future is hurtling toward us – it is good to know the skills that will allow us to grab it.

Boomers are old according to Millenials. But we need them to be different than any old people in the history of the world.

We don’t have much trouble deciding if a particular car is right for us or not. We can say to the salesperson with confidence, “its very nice, but its not me.” Or, “this is so me!” We are highly defined by the products we buy. They are part of our personal brand. But, why do we stay in jobs for years that are not who we are?

One of my 4 new attributes of 21st century personal brands is that they are global.   Various estimates say that only 15% – 20% of U.S. citizens own passports so not many of us are “going global” in person.  But, even if you never venture outside your hometown, you can be a more global personal […]