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Today, change is relentless – the future is hurtling toward us – it is good to know the skills that will allow us to grab it.


January is the month of resolutions. Before you make them, take a few minutes to examine the 5 things you need right now

Your business anniversary is a not-to-be-passed up branding opportunity. Whether it is your 1st or 21st, the year does not matter.

We all know about the ability of our emotions to affect us physically.  Obvious examples: when human beings are sad, water might just pour from their eyes.  For some of us, when we feel embarrassed, our faces turn bright red.   Or, when we are nervous, some of us go into power sweating.   Our bodies seem determined to blatantly betray […]

Scarcity and abundance each presents a set of problems. Today information is free and accessible. But real expertise is dear and hard to get at.

Are you a dreamer, a designer or a doer? All 3 rarely burn inside one person.

Don’t let your personal brand become you, the bobble head.