Can you ooVoo?


We are fast becoming a nation of visual communicators. According to Cisco (owners of the Flip), video communications will increase ten-fold from 2008 – 2013.

Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo, in a recent interview, said that she believes Yahoo needs to offer its users more video. And, of course, providers such as ooVoo and Skype are helping us to participate in real-time interactive video conversations more and more. Not to mention YouTube, Vimeo, et al.

The experts are saying that we will be communicating a lot more one to one, one to many, and many to many visually. So instead of just reading (text messages) or listening (teleconferences), we will be watching. I am not all that happy about this. For one thing, I will be forced to continually own up to what I really look and sound like. Ouch. And, I can no longer do conference calls in my pajamas.

Seriously, a whole new world of opportunity is emerging around our increasing ability to see one other. Some consumer brands are already using the two-way video conversations to conduct market research with their target consumer. Think, they can talk with young people at a party who will actually show them how they are mixing their beverage products.

On a personal level, all this video communications takes personal branding and personal presence to a new level. I ran across a saying years ago that I often quote in my speeches (although I cannot find the author): “you are judged by the quality of your speaking, your writing, and your ideas, and in that order.” Note: this quote was from pre-internet days, maybe even pre-television. Now, with all of us soon expected to communicate via video, the “speaking” takes on more importance than ever. Is your personal brand ready?


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