Are you a locavore with few frenemies? Good for you!


For me it’s fun to pay attention to the new words that the major dictionaries decide to add each year.  It’s a peephole into the culture and into technology in particular, since so many new words come from new technology.

For 2009, locavore and frenemy  were two of the non-techie words among the almost 100 new words added to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.  A locavore is a person who is committed to eating locally grown foods.  A frenemy is a person who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.

Way back in the year 2000, the word “” was a new word added to the dictionary.  The definiton was a company that was web-based.  It recalls those days when we all knew people who were leaving their jobs at regular companies to go to work for dot.coms.   Very cool and meant lots of money to follow.  Do we still refer to any companies as dot.coms?  

Technology is integrated into all businesses today – into both the business model and the business culture.   Technology is not a department or a capability but is inherent in work.  You cannot carve it out.

And if the futurists are right,  technology will increasingly become more integrated into people.  Technology will allow us to become more than human.  When can I download the upgrade?


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