How can you get more resolve in your resolutions?


jan2010Resolutions can be daunting.   They are usually very tactical – lose weight, stop smoking, read more, write THE book, and so forth.  Before you set about to tackle a major issue, you may want to be a little more strategic.  Examine what has been holding you back – or what will allow you to really do it this time. 

I found  the exercise below many years ago and often use it in team building sessions to help teams better understand each other as individuals. 

Try it yourself before you abandon your resolutions – it may change how you approach the New Year.

What I need right now

  1. Choose (mark) 5 things from the list below that you need more of.   Add your own things if they are not on the list.  But, select no more than 5.
  2. Put the 5 choices in order of importance.
  3. Whom should you share your five things with? 

 I need more……

Vitality Self-esteem Direction
Tenderness Composure Security
Recognition Generosity Balance
Activity Confidence Caring
Awareness Health Motivation
Sharing Solitude Devotion
Contemplation Serenity Trust
Insight Joy Commitment
Forgiveness Purpose Music
Laughter Support Self-expression
Companionship Harmony Romance
Intimacy Patience Sensitivity
Self-awareness Skill Structure
Opportunity Challenges Variety
Accomplishments Imagination Control
Responsibility Education Experience
Freedom Strength Energy
Fitness Relaxation Comfort
Nutrition Sleep Childlikeness
Coordination Flexibility Exercise
Self-control Celebration Play

 Source: Ice-breakers and Heart-warmers, by Steve Sheely



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