The Personal Brand Entourage


  The HBO show, Entourage, cracks me up.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a comedy about the lifestyle and escapades of a hot Hollywood movie star and his pack of handlers, friends, lovers, relatives, et al.   “Entourage” is a term usually reserved for royalty and celebrities.  I mean the rest of us regular people move through life very differently, in a much more self-reliant manner, right?  Who can afford an entourage?  Well, as ESPN’s Lee Corso says, “not so fast my friend.”

Witness, our entourages:  personal trainer, hair colorist, hair stylist, cosmetologist, dermatologist, personal shopper, diet counselor, marriage counselor, therapist, relationship therapist, herbal therapist, hormone therapist, internist, manicurist, publicist, allergist, dentist, cosmetic dentist, nutrionist, pastor, rabbi, priest, spiritualist, palmist, plastic surgeon, speech writer, accountant, attorney, executive search consultant, management consultant, image consultant, technology consultant, executive coach, event planner, tennis coach, golf coach, mentor, maid, gardener, interior decorator, astrologer, friends, family. 

I am certain that I know people who count all of the above as part of their personal retinue….and more.   Entourage knows no recession.  I must admit I was a little surprised when I thought through the size of my own “entourage”, without counting family, friends, or the internet.  I mean, isn’t the internet is the ultimate virtual entourage?  I know I consult it for all kinds of personal guidance in this age of information. 


  Which members of the entourage did I miss?  Comments please!



One Response to “The Personal Brand Entourage”

  1. i was starting to really feel i might possibly be the only gentleman which thought about this, at least at this point i understand im not loonie 🙂 i will make sure to look into a number different articles just after i get a bit of caffeine in me, it’s stressful to read without my coffee, I was up late last evening jamming zynga poker and after getting my fill with a few ales i wound up giving up all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

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