Who admires you?


Every once in awhile I encounter a common word that I haven’t been using lately.  I think, “wow, that is a great word…. I used to use it…I need to bring it back into my mainstream vocabulary”.  Some examples of useful words I have recently re-discovered are “beguiling”, “lament” and “artful”.  And my current favorite:  admire.

Here’s what I admire about admire.  It seems to me to be a perfect combination of “like” and “respect”.   You know, you can respect a person, but that implies a little fear or power may be involved – you respect a professor, a cop, a boss, an expert.  You can like a lot of people.  You enjoy being around them.  But how many people do you truly admire?  “Admire” seems to demand a higher level of consideration, of emotional commitment. 

Gallup publishes an annual list of the most admired people.  Honestly, it would be more accurate to call it the “current most widely known people.”  The 2008 list is headed by Barack Obama and George Bush on the male side, and by Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin on the female side. 

photo from microsoft.com

photo from microsoft.com

This blog is about work.  Managing relationships at work is one of the top things that make work work for you.  I  read that admiration between two people is the strongest foundation a relationship can have.  I admire my business partner, Vickie Singer.  So do a lot of other people.  I admire my clients.  Sometimes I accept assignments from people I have a hard time admiring.  It never works out.

Admiration is full of power. 

Saying whom you admire says something about you.  Knowing who admires you also says something about you.  Who admires you and why?



2 Responses to “Who admires you?”

  1. Great post Margaret.

    I agree sometimes the business you turn down is the best business you do.

    Have to agree with you on the The People’s magazine point you make. It’s just like high school.

    • Thanks, Scott for the comment and advancing the topic….it is hard to turn down business nowadays but bad business by ay other name is still bad

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