How do you choose personal brands?


I remember when I first moved to the little town I live in 10 years ago.  We only had a couple of restaurants.  Not enough good choices.

 On the internet I am dazzled by choices.  Yes, there are some not so great websites, bloggers, etc. but there are many wonderful sites and bloggers and articles and e-books and videos and retailers.  I cannot scan and surf endlessly – after awhile even the greatest content moves from mind opening to mind numbing.  At some point during an e-binge, I remind myself that I am supposed to act, to experience life, to contribute – not just spend my time entranced by the brilliance of others.  So, I have to accept that  there are some fabulous e-places I may never visit.  Too many good choices.

I have stated many times that powerful brands are those that make it easy for their target audience to choose them again and again.  A great personal brand at work is no different – they compel their bosses or customers or shareholders to drive past the competition in order to get to them (metaphorically or literally).  In today’s talent pool, there is a surplus of strong personal brands.   Plenty of good choices.

Think about a person you work with that you turn to again and again, especially when the stakes are high.  How do you make that choice?  What are your criteria? What is it about that person that sets her or him apart, that inspires your confidence even when the pressure is instense?   The quick answer is that the person possesses certain critical skills.  But think a little deeper.  There is something about that person that you connect with, that you value, something that goes beyond skills.

The reasons you continually choose him or her reveal as much or more about you than they do about that person.   What do your personal brand choices tell you about yourself?



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