How do you tell your personal brand story?


I like to travel and I like to cook. I think I am pretty good at both.  For me, reading cookbooks and reading travel books (like those published by Frommer’s or Fodor’s) are an integral part of the fun of travel and cooking.

I particularly enjoy cookbooks published by clubs – you know, the ones with recipes that are contributed by the club members. The best of this genre are the ones that don’t edit the contributors’ recipes.  Sometimes the contributor will leave out key details or offer only sketchy measurements.  What I like most is that these uncensored recipes usually tell a story about the contributor, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The other day I was browsing my collection of cookbooks, searching for a new punch recipe to serve over the 4th. In Talk About Good, published by the Junior League of Lafayette, Louisiana, copyright 1969, I found Bowle a la Kumpa, provided by Charles H. Stewart, M.D. Here is his recipe:

At 8AM take 1 liter of average German white wine (Zeller, Schwarte Katz, or Niersteiner Domtal, etc.). Pour into a large pitcher over 2 pints of fresh strawberries. Place in refrigerator. Three hours prior to serving, place 2 liters of white wine and 1 liter of champagne in the freezer. Immediately prior to serving, add these to the original strawberry-wine mixture. Place all in a large punch bowl. Dry ice may be added for effect – but does not alter the flavor. Serves four lusty drinkers, or 8 bon vivants, or 16 “party drinkers.” Quotations are his.

I don’t know about you, but reading this recipe makes me want to find a bottle of Zeller, grab 2 good friends, head to Louisiana, see if the good doctor is still around, and jump into a bowl of the Bowle. winedrinkerstn

“Story” is powerful. We have always known that. When we meet someone new, it’s not unusual to take a friend aside later who knows the person, and ask “so, what’s her story?” Think about your personal brand recipe. How do you describe your strengths, your aspirations, what you stand for? Can you tell a story about yourself that makes you crystal clear?

It’s not a bad idea to have a ready response for, “so tell me your story.”



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