Two simple steps for digital distinction



In the first post of the series I introduced a simple, 4-step personal brand strategy model.  The most recent post was about distinguishing yourself onland. This post is about how to set yourself apart as a personal brand online.  OK, that is over the moon, out of this solar system, way too ambitious.  

For starters, many, many social media stars (I bow to them) have already written the book (the e-books, tweets, blogs) on how to accumulate legions of visitors, friends and followers by being a strong e-presence.  I like Lorelle.  She writes about blogs but she has lots of good advice that is relevant for a personal e-strategy in general.   Mashable is a must-scan. Dan Schwabel owns the personal branding online space.  

So, there is an encyclopedia of how-to when it comes to online presence.  Well, what is there to say about it in this single little post?   I say let’s start with something we can get our heads around – a checklist.   I love checklists.  As a frequent flier, I really love that commercial pilots use them before every flight even if they have been flying 30 years!  Below is a mini-checklist for personal brand presence online.  Ask yourself (regularly):

  1. What does your target audience have of value  when they visit, friend or follow you that they did not have before they found you online?  Or, what do they have that is better than what they had before?
  2. What do you have of value (that you did not have before), because you created an online personal presence? Or, what do you have that is better than what you had before?

The first question is the most important because the answer to it forms the basis for being distinguished in the minds of your audience.  It is what keeps ’em coming and brings ’em back.  It’s the customer value proposition. 

The answer to the second question is what brings you back.  It’s why you discipline yourself to keep being distinctive.  It’s your personal value proposition.

In my work with clients on their personal brands, I am clear that not everyone needs to be lookin’ for brand love in the same e-places.  How is that distinctive?  The answers to the two questions above will be your guideposts to where you should appear online (which websites, social media, blogs etc.) and to creating a unique and compelling look, feel, and content for you, the e-brand.twitter71


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