You cannot resist this



The first two posts in this series covered (1) personal brand as a strategy and (2) the first step in the four step strategy of Define, Distinguish, Declare, Deliver.  This post is about the Distinguish step with your onland brand.  The next post will cover Distinguish online.

So, in step one you defined what you stand for (known as your brand promise) and to whom you are making that promise (known as your target audience), when lo and behold, you realized that somebody else is pretty much  making the same promise to the same audience.  Maybe lots of somebodies.  These are known as your competition. 

Let’s face it, even if you work in a great team environment where people help and support each other, there is a competition going on.  For plum assignments, for compensation, to be the CEO.  If you and your BFF both want to be Chief People Officer, one of you is going to be doing it somewhere else.

So, “Distinguish” is about setting yourself apart from people who are directly competing with you in the same game.  It’s about creating your “distinctives.”  I know it’s not a word.

If you are competing for a position, of course you have to have talent and produce results.  If you can out-produce your competition, great!  You have to look the part, too – that is, you have to fit within the boundaries of the corporate culture template.  But talent, results and looking the part won’t get you the position you want. 

Here is one sure way to be distinctive.  Have you ever noticed those people at work who genuinely seem to be delighted to be where they are?  Happy to be at work?  The ones who are so easy to be around?  Be one of those people.  I realize your job may not be particularly inspiring to you but you are smart – you can figure out how to create inspiration, to self-inspire.  Create joy in your work and you will be irresistible.  Make it easy to choose you.  If you do, I promise you won’t have a lot of competition.

In the workplace, nothing is more wearing than high maintenance people – even high maintenance genuises.  Yes, jerks do get promoted to big jobs sometimes.  But usually by another jerk.



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