Who loves your brand?



Last week I offered up the four basics of a Personal Brand Strategy:

  1. Define
  2. Distinguish
  3. Declare
  4. Deliver

These are the core principles of branding whether you are an indiviudal, a corporation or a product.  For a personal brand, these principles apply to your online and onland brand.  So what do I mean by “Define”?  Two things.

  1. Define what you stand for – otherwise known as your brand promise
  2. Define to whom you are making this promise  – otherwise known as your target audience

Martha Stewart, the brand, is a useful example that I often call upon when I speak about personal branding.   Martha is all about making the domestic life  – the life of cooking, entertaining, gardening, and decorating – a life of unfailing beauty and grace and style, even in the smallest of things.  Martha stands for (and promises to show us how to have) the lifestyle she has branded as the “art of everyday living” .

However, not all people who appreciate this lifestyle appreciate Martha.  Indeed, when I mention her name in my speeches, there is always a reaction that tells me there are some people who dislike her intensely – and this was true even before she did jail time! 

Great brands do not appeal to everyone.  Great brands know their “people”.  They connect with them on common values.  I am sure that Martha and her marketers can describe with precision, the values, attributes and behavior patterns of the people who love her. 

Your personal brand starts with what you stand for and what you are willing to promise to your audience.  In your career, your audience are those people who are critical to your success.  If you do not connect with them on values, you are in the wrong place.  Find a place that values what you stand for, then set about to understand your audience as well as Martha does. 

Seth Godin’s  small, simple 2008 book, Tribes, although not about personal brand, is about the power of standing for something.



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