The 4 basics of personal brand strategy: a series



The potential power and reach of social media have pushed the “how-to” of personal branding to a digital-only blueprint.  Articles, websites, blogs, and e-books on personal branding emphasize techniques to gobble up followers online, a la Pac-man.  There is no one so giddy as the twitterer who can tweet that a benchmark has been met, e.g.  “I reached 500 followers today!”  The Ashton K-factor.

The measure of  social media success, is not fellowship but followship.  Not community, but commerce.  Like measuring impressions in advertising.  The fundamental reasoning is that the more followers you collect, the likelier you are to get people to buy you, buy from you, advertise on your website, drive affiliate marketing $, etc.  Quantity.

I am not dismissing an online personal brand as an economic engine.  Quite the opposite.  I am all in.  For some, the desired outcome of an online presence might simply be the “high” that comes from attention or influence, or the self-gratification of journaling.  For most, the desired outcome is financial.  Good. 

But, remember your other personal brand?  The one that is actually in-person?  It, too is about financial success.  About setting yourself apart from your competitors with your customers, setting yourself apart from your peers with your boss at work.

What is often lost, whether in the digital followship race, or in the competitive game of the workplace, is the realization that a personal brand is, in fact, a strategy.  A strategy that drives to a desired, defined outcome.   To maximize the outcomes of personal branding, you have to be operating within a strategy and from a plan.

There are 4 basic steps to executing a personal brand strategy – online or onland. 

  1. Define
  2. Distinguish
  3. Declare
  4. Deliver

When you skip one, the wattage of your brand power dims.  Beginning next week, we’ll explore each, starting with defining what you stand for and whom you are trying to influence.


One Response to “The 4 basics of personal brand strategy: a series”

  1. Murphy, love the four steps. It’s a process. Most folks just assume they will get online, turn on a system and boom. Presto Chango.

    Mike D. Merrill
    Chief Bacon Maker
    Bacon Marketing

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