The 5 values of a powerful personal brand online


A study by researchers at Ohio State found that we decide within 10 minutes of meeting someone new what kind of relationship we want to have – or not have. OK, we all know the power of first impressions. But they took it a step further and found that we take specific actions to make the desired relationship happen.  We are so invested in our first impression that we will work to prove we are right.

This got me thinking again about electronic personal brands. Not about the well-documented dangers of using poor judgment in the photos, comments or tweets you post.  And not about your electronic presence with friends who know the real you – the people who are sincerely interested in what your 6-year old just said to your dog.

No, I was thinking about the challenge of managing a personal electronic brand – with people you will never meet personally but whom you dearly want to influence.   About the challenge of being an e-only brand.   How do you make sure people who meet you only online will keep returning to your blog, read your newsletter or follow you on Twitter?

In contrast to managing a personal relationship with a physical person, as an e-only personal brand,  you have the opportunity to make a gabillion impressions 24-7.  You can take actions 24-7  to create the relationships you want.  

The people who create powerful personal e-brands use a “value” approach.   They:

1. Know what their audience values
2. Share information of value to the audience, not just of value to themselves
3. Establish credibility and provide value before they try to get you to do something for them
4. Don’t just pass through, recycle or borrow someone else’s value, e.g. don’t primarily rehash someone else’s content
5. Value their audience’s time – they don’t post or tweet just to be doing it or to hit a target # 

In other words, they have a strategy to connect with their audience on values.  Just like real life.   It is hard work to manage a consistent online personal brand.  And, it’s all too easy for people who don’t know you to un-follow or de-face you.

What are your thoughts on successful personal brands online?


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