Personal brand: is it just you as your own PR person?


People I coach sometimes tell me that they are put off by the whole idea of personal branding. It feels so self-serving, self-promoting, even manipulative.   This is understandable, especially given the self-love that permeates social networking sites.   You know – the people who are their own paparazzi.

But here are 2 things on personal brand that you should be keep in mind:

  1. You have a brand already.  Whether you want a brand or not, you have one with those who know you.  And, it precedes you with people who have not met you.  To paraphrase: your brand outruns you and gets there before you do.  So, know what it is – how your audience view you – not how you view yourself.
  2. You need to know how well your current brand is working for you in terms of your future success. Your personal brand today may be “analytical” and “driven”.  What if the job you want next relies on you being seen as a “strategic thinker” and “diplomatic”?  Ask yourself if these are attributes you can genuinely own.  If not, you may need to re-think your career goals.

We judge others by their actions, we judge ourselves by what’s in our hearts or minds.   Others cannot see inside you – they judge you by your behavior.   Managing your personal brand is about managing your behavior and your communications with people who are important to your future.

Your brand must come from your authentic self.   Good personal PR just helps your audience consistently see the best of the real you.

What are your thoughts on managing personal brand?   Comment and start the conversation.



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