Who is your audience?


Powerful brands make it easy for their target audience to choose them again and again.  When a product owns major shelf space in the hearts and minds of its audience, the audience doesn’t have to spend energy looking for a substitute. 

You return to your favorite restaurant again and again because they consistently deliver an experience you value.  You may have a favorite website, retail store or celebrity.  You feel a connection with them.  They seem to “get you.”  You are their target audience and you consistently feel good about your choice when you choose them.

It is the same with your personal brand at work.  Your target audience at work is the person or groups of people, that are most critical to your future success.   Another way of looking at it:  if you are not connected with this person or group of people, it will be very difficult, likely impossible, for you to achieve your top career goals.

Your boss, whether she is a supervisor or chairman of the board, is always a member of your target audience.  Always.  

Other members of your target audience are peers or team members or your employees – but not all of them.   Some of them have more influence over your success than others.   A customer certainly may be a target.   However, if you are in a large organization, remember that customers are not responsible for making career decisions inside your organization.

Think about who at work is most critical to your success.  Do you really “get” the people in your target audience?  Are you able to connect with them on what is important to them in a genuine way?   List your target audience in order of impact to your success. Find out how you are doing at delivering what is most important to their success.  

They are usually close by.



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