A picture is worth zero to 1,000 words


“Digital’ is one of my attributes for a 21st century personal brand.  Getting your electronic presence right is as important as getting your in-person presence right today.  Suffice it to say, this is a topic of encyclopedic proportions. So, let’s talk small.  Like your online photo.  And, any other photographs, visuals and graphics you share with the world as part of your e-brand.

Seth Godin, whom I read every week (and recommend you do same no matter what business you are in), wrote a great piece last week just about your online photo.

But, I have noticed that Seth does not use a lot of visuals in his blog.   You may have noticed that I don’t use any.  Speaking for myself, I am a “text” or “words” person and am completely inept at illuminating my thinking or my writing with what I call “big animal pictures”.  Thinking and writing are hard enough.

Visuals should enhance your personal brand, advance your audience’s understanding of your personal brand, or illustrate your personal brand in a compelling manner.   Pasting a piece of clip art or a photo without relevance on a web page does not count as visual illumination.  

Of course, if you are in a visual business (artist, graphic artist, photographer, etc.), then your personal brand is your visual brand and vice-versa.  One benefit of researching my way around the www, is that I sometimes encounter stunningly talented artists who are showcasing and sharing their work on their websites.

So, I thought, why not occasionally share the work they are willing to share, instead of annoying you with any lame attempts from me to use big animal pictures?

Here then is an example of  “visuals” that are not intended to illuminate this blog but are solely intended to share some great talent.  Chris Cook is a gifted artist, web designer and friend.  Thanks, Chris.cc1







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