Get a little global today


One of my 4 new attributes of 21st century personal brands is that they are global.   Various estimates say that only 15% – 20% of U.S. citizens own passports so not many of us are “going global” in person.  But, even if you never venture outside your hometown, you can be a more global personal brand. 

Why be more global?  You likely compete everyday with people who are global in their outlook or experience, and therefore are a potentially more powerful presence than you are at work.   And, at minimum, you will be a more engaging professional by polishing up your global-literacy.

Some small, really baby steps to try:

  • Read this article by Fast Company which identifies the leading cities shaping our future and why they are leaders. Great content and you may be surprised by how many of them are outside the U.S. 
  • Check out websites and read blogs with a global voice.   
  • If you read the Wall Street Journal online, read the European or Asian edition once a week, instead of the U.S. edition. 

About the same percentage of Americans read at least one book a year as those who own passports – only about 20%.  If you read a book, read The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.  It is not about globalization per se, but the sub-text is there.  Tim has to be one of the world’s most global citizens.  The book is full of stuff you need to know, plus you will see the thread of globalization in practically everything we do as you read this energizing book.

Get a little global today – no passport required.

Post your comments for being more globally-literate without leaving home.



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