It’s always personal in business


I recently posted four attributes of 21st century personal brands, one of which is that they are in fact, “personal”.  Obvious?  Yes and no.  I am referring to two types of personal.

The obvious personal is that your personal brand has to be emanting from the genuine you.  You and another person may share the same top brand attribute, say, you are both “creative”.   To stand out, to control your future success, you have to do the best job of expressing and delivering creative to your target audience.   You want to own creative  in the minds of your target audience.  The way you do that is unique to you, personal to you. 

The other, less obvious  “personal”  is about your target.  To succeed in an organization, you need to know your internal target audience.  Your internal audience are those individuals or groups of individuals, who are crucial to your success.  You must really know them in the same way great consumer brands really know their target audience.

Your boss is the alpha example of a target audience.  How much do you know about what she values, her personal career goals, what she values most from you, what she worries about, what she needs in order for her to perform at peak?  

An organization is made up of “persons”  – persons with needs, values, beliefs, opinions and dreams.  What are your boss’ dreams?



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