The “eager” factor


Most of us spend more time at work than we spend doing anything else.  Many of us are thinking about work when we are not there.  So add the time you are there, to the time you think about it,  to the travel time, and well, you see where this is headed.  It’s no surprise that when I run into people I haven’t seen in awhile and ask, “what have you been up to?”, by far the most common answer is “working.”   There’s not even a close second.

Science Daily, reported that in a University of Chicago study, based on interviews researchers did from 1972 to 2006, 86% of respondents said that they “are satisfied at their job.”  Wow!

The Gallup organization tell us that from their surveys of more than 5 million people over 10 years, they have concluded that “most people are not actively engaged in their work”.  In fact, the last numbers I saw from Gallup were that 55% of people are not engaged and 16% are disengaged.  Whoa!

So, we are satisfied but not engaged?  What explains this?  Passive not passion.  Doing not discovering.  Are there other important areas of our lives that we would be okay describing as “I am satisfied but I am not engaged”?  

1. Satisfied and engaged.  2. Satisfied but not engaged.  3. Engaged but not satisfied.  Hmmmm. 

Choice 1 is what most people would probably say is the best choice.  But choice 3 certainly seems better to me than choice 2.

The data from Gallup suggest that most of us do not wake up eager to get to work each day.  A friend and colleague of mine, Suzie Price, is onto “eager”.   Suzie has observed from years of consulting with business leaders that indeed, quite a few people do wake up eager.  About life.  About work.  Suzie, who is one of the most engaged people on the planet, has uncovered some “wake up eager” factors for an individual.  Among them are “self-directed”, “self-aware”, and “self-care.”  And, she is helping organizations and individuals put this into practice.

I like “eager” – it is fresh.  It is a pre-requisite to “engaged”.  What Suzie’s work tells us is that waking up eager, being engaged in life and work, means seriously engaging with yourself first in a few important areas.

What are your thoughts?



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