My work is all about you and work.  Much of the content of the blog is about managing your personal brand and managing relationships that are critical to your success. But, the blog is not just about the individual, it also about the organization. Powerful personal brands have to consider both.  Most adults spend more time working than doing anything else. Really, there is a reason this word, “work” pops up all the time in our minds and in our conversations.  Why not spend some energy discovering how to make work work for all of us?


I have worked since I was a teenager. Today I am a grown-up, a consultant, a coach, a speaker, and a business owner.  I have worked in sports marketing, brand strategy, technology strategy, organizational design, communications, executive coaching and in something known as business transformation consulting. Not exactly a straight line career.

I have an MBA but people are always surprised by that. They peg me as more the “creative” type. Like, business is not creative!?

My clients have been and are, great individuals – strong personal brands within some of the world’s finest companies.  For more than 25 years, I have had many people encourage me, teach me, help me, and save me from my own mistakes. Bosses, colleagues, employees, clients. Friends. Children. Husband. I happily take something from all of them. Whatever success I have had has been highly influenced by others.



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